Dobermann puppies in Germany from DV-breeder.
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Doberman puppies in Germany from DV-breeder


Irina Thies

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Malinois Zwinger von Bradenton

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Shows, Trials, ZTP and Seminars

S H O W    R E S U L T S     2 0 1 6
CACIB Nuremberg 10.01.2016

S H O W    R E S U L T S     2 0 1 5
CAC/CACIB Karlsruhe 14./15.11.2015
CAC Strassburg 25.10.2015
CACIB Hannover 24.10.2015
BSZ Dortmund 17.10.2015
Bayernsiegerschau Augsburg 11.10.2015
CACIB Rostock 03.10.2015
CAC Hamburg 27.09.2015
Kurpfalzsiegerschau 27.09.2015
IDC 2015 Porvoo Finland 29.-30.8.2015
LG-Siegerschau Westfalen 23.08.2015
Schwabensiegerschau 16.08.2015
IHA Innsbruck 15./16.08.2015
CAC Treuenbrietzen 09.08.2015
CACIB Ludwigshafen 08.08.2015
Frankensiegerschau 26.07.2015
CAC Dortmund 26.07.2015
LG-Sieger-Schau Hessen 19.07.2015
LG-Sieger-Schau Thueringen 12.07.2015
CAC Recklinghausen 28.06.2015
DV-Sieger-Hauptzuchtschau 21.06.2015
CAC and CACIB Erfurt 20./21.06.2015
World Dog Show Mailand (I) 10.-14.06.2015
CAC Essen 14.06.2015
CAC Kaunitz 31.05.2015
CAC Leverkusen 31.05.2015
CAC Altona 24.05.2015
CACIB Saarbrücken 24.05.2015
ESZ Dortmund 08.05.2015
Belgian Dobermann Club Sieger Show 03.05.15
CAC Alsdorf 01.05.2015
CAC Suedpfalz 19.04.2015
CAC Guetersloh 20.03.2015
CACIB Offenburg 15.03.2015
CACIB Nuremberg 11.01.2014

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Championship, Trials, Cup Contest 2015
Bayrische Meisterschaft 2001
DV DM FH Oberdorla 24./25.10.2015
DV DM IPO: 03.-04.10.2015
IDC-IPO-WM 15. – 17.05.2015
LG Ausscheidungen

Abt. Franken 18.10.2015
Abt. Oyten 19.09.2015
Abt. Duesseldorf AdPr 13.09.2015
Abt. Duesseldorf 07.06.2015

Bayr. LG FH-Ausscheidung 26.04.2015
Abt. Augsburg 25./26.04.2015
VdH Odenbach 22.03.2015

Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2010 - Prevalence of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Doberman Pinschers in Various Age Groups
G. Wess, A. Schulze, V. Butz, J. Simak, M. Killich, L.J.M. Keller, J. Maeurer, and, K. Hartmann
Clinic of Small Animal Medicine, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.
PDF-File 240 K
The future of the past or the tale of the ears & tails.
by: Avi Marshak
The aim of this article is to try to cover as many aspects as possible which rise from the prohibition against showing cropped & docked Dobermanns in many countries around the world. To explore the past, to deal with the present and to try to foresee the future of our beloved breed, the Dobermann. It is funny to think that the future of our breed may be lies between the two edges of the dog; the ear and the tail.

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Dobermann Puppies in DV kennel (German kennels)
"vom Hedelbach" 03.02.16
"vom Burgenland" 08.01.16
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Expected puppies
"von Engelhardt" 10.02.16

Planning a litter
"vom Waldwinkel" 31.01.16

adult dogs (over 6 months) for sale.
15 month old female in kennel "Elite House" 19.10.15

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